Willamette Valley Saluki Club

June 21, 2002

Specialty and Sweepstakes Results

by Wanda Sirianni, president

The members of the WVSC are small in number but large in ability, putting on another classy specialty show. Our trophy tables were once again filled with beautiful trophies thanks to all of our truly special trophy sponsors. This year’s raffle was a tremendous success with many donated items — thank you all for your donations. We have a beautiful location and once again, the weather outdid itself — comfortable, sunny conditions held for the entire specialty. Our judges were efficient and friendly, putting exhibitors at ease instantly. They knew what they wanted in a Saluki and quietly went about the business of finding their winners. The exhibitors all seemed to have a great time with smiles abounding. Thank you to all who joined us, making this specialty a very enjoyable time — hope you will all join us again next year!

Puppy Sweepstakes Judge: Helen Lee

First of all, I’d like to thank the club for honouring me with this assignment — I thoroughly enjoyed it. You have some lovely puppies in your area, which means that the breed is in good hands. I was very impressed and pleased with the temperaments of all the pups but one.

Puppy Bitches 6- 9
1st - Kyzyl Kum Jinghani.
Wendy & Brian Duggan

Puppy Bitches 9 - 12
1st - Only Abu Of Aldecar.
Alden Foote

The only class I had with more than one entry was the 12-18 bitch class, and I discovered afterward that they were three littermates. Fortunately, I chose the same one the breeder had for my first place! This bitch, Sirianni Tiarc First Noel SM, is a Smooth Parti-colour and is absolutely beautiful, with ground-covering sidegait and clean movement coming and going. The other two in the class were lovely as well but their sister was just that much better, so she edged them out.

Junior Bitches 12 - 18
1st - Sirianni Tiarc First Noel SM.
Wanda L. & Pamela J. Sirianni
2nd - Sirianni Tiarc Amazing Grace.
William C. & Michelle M. Roach
3rd - Tiarc Sirianni Kandi Kane SM.
Ronald & Elizabeth Crait

For best overall, it was a very close competition between the 12-18 class winner and the adorable 6-9 bitch, again a Smooth: Kyzyl Kum Jinghani. This puppy just got better and better behaved as the day progressed and as a result took RWB in the regular classes. Best in Sweeps went to the 12-18 bitch, who also went on to take WB to finish. In the BISweeps ring, she covered more ground than the 6-9 puppy did at that time, which was the deciding factor in a very tough decision. The third competitor for BISweeps, the 9-12 bitch Only Abu of Aldecar, had lovely type but in comparison with the other two I would have preferred a bit more length of body. This would probably have brought her sidegait up to par with the other two, making my decision even more difficult.

Best in Puppy Sweepstakes

Veteran Sweepstakes Judge: Helen Lee

I was disappointed that there was only one Veteran competitor, as I love those “old guys.” Ch. Sirianni Hakuna Matata, JC, at just over 7 years of age, is still in his prime, with a gorgeous front, lovely sidegait and is true coming and going.

Junior Veteran Dog 7 - 10 Years
1st - Ch. Sirianni Hakuna Matata, JC. Pamela J. Sirianni

Best in Veteran Sweepstakes

Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to get my hands on such lovely representatives of the Saluki breed.

Parade Of Title Holders

4/29/00 Ronald & Elizabeth Crait.

Rafala was always shown in the Bred-by class and earned her AKC Championship at 20 months, breeder/owner handled. She is a Sweepstakes and Best of Breed winner. She is the parti girl we waited 20 years to spoil.

3/15/96. Ronald & Elizabeth Crait.

Nortie finished at the WVSC weekend in 1999 at 2 years, breeder/owner handled. Nortie is a multiple Best of Breed and Award of Merit winner. He is the sire of one litter of smooth and feathered puppies born on Christmas 2000. His 4 daughters are major pointed.

3/15/96. Ronald & Elizabeth Crait & Wanda & Pamela Sirianni.

Pippi finished with 3 majors at 2 years, always breeder/owner handled, winning all her points from the Bred-by class. She is an Award of Merit and Best of Breed winner and occasional lure chaser. Bred to her cousin Hakuna, she is the mother of one litter of puppies, 2 of which are AKC champions.

4/29/00 Pamela J. & Wanda L. Sirianni.

Ramani finished his AKC championship at 16 months with back-to-back majors at the Puget Sound Saluki Club Specialty weekend. He was WD at the PSSC Specialty and WD & BOS over specials at the PSSC Trophy Supported Entry at Sammamish KC. Like his parents, Ramani is an AKC Bred By Exhibitor Medalion winner. Ramani is a Sweepstakes and a multiple Best of Breed winner. He also loves to chase the lure.

Conformation Classes Judge: Ms. Karen Doyle

I want to commend the Willamette Valley Saluki Club on the first-class show they held on June 21, 2002. What a great venue they have, with glorious trophies, great hospitality, dedicated members and attention paid to detail. And it is held in a beautiful part of the country that I was totally unacquainted with but will look forward to revisiting.

What I am looking for in the breed, in my mind, should be justified by what is stated in the standard. We have somewhat of a bare-bones standard, so I put great emphasis on the six words that come under the “General Appearance” section ... grace & symmetry, speed & endurance, strength & activity. Thus I want a Saluki that moves with drive, and gets itself effortlessly around the ring , i.e. strength and activity. I want a Saluki that moves in sync, front and rear moving in unison while on the go-around, i.e. speed and endurance. And I want the outline, while on the move, to be of desirable proportions, i.e. grace and symmetry. I take to heart a quote from one of the Terrier standards, “Movement is the crucial test of conformation.” I believe this can be applied to absolutely any breed and it forms the basis by which I judge the Saluki. I hope this was evident by the choices I made on the day, and I wholeheartedly thank you all for the honor of your entry.

Bred By Exhibitor Dogs
1st Miriah's Jungle Book
10/4/00. Breeders: Maureen Clark & Shawn Davis.
By Ch. Salish’ Shamars Hobicat x Ch. Miriah Out of Africa.
Owner: Maureen Clark.
This boy has a lovely flowing side gait and is light on his feet. He needs to grow into himself, and at the moment is looking rather lanky. As he matures, I expect he will tighten up and make an impressive picture. His down and back is very true and sound.
2nd Kyzyl Kum Sinan SC
2/22/99. Breeders: Owners.
By Ch. Kyzyl Kum Naziir, JC x Ch. Kyzyl Kum Djemma.
Owners: Wendy & Brian Duggan.
Light red - This is a very honest dog, well constructed with lovely bone, not the glamour of the above dog and today not moving to his potential.
3rd Tiarc Sirianni Rizq Blue MT
4/29/00. Breeders: Ronald D. Crait & Wanda L. Sirianni & Elizabeth L. Crait & Pamela Sirianni.
By Ch. Sirianni Hakuna Matata, JC x Ch. Tiarc Tavanai Pippi Long Sox.
Owners: Colleen Hewes & Pamela Sirianni.
Fawn - Seems to be tight in his movement, possibly indicating that he would benefit from more ring experience. Would like to see a little stronger underjaw.

Open Dogs
1st Stonehenge Mojo Thunder MTN.
8/22/00. Breeder: Sydney Jetter Welch.
By Ch. Stonehenge Sedgefield Ammon x Ch. Stonehenge Denim Bleu.
Owners: Edythe Coleman & Joyce Berk.
Dark fawn - This is a proud moving dog, head up and reaching out, but on occasions lifting the pasterns a little too high. Again, a dog that needs to grow into himself as there is a general looseness about him. A good underline with a deep chest that extends well backward. He is a little close in the hocks and again, would like to see a little more underjaw.
2nd Snowynde Winter Hawk
12/22/98. Breeders: Bonnie & Lois Boucher.
By Ch. Ziba Indus x Ch. Snowynde Perle Essence Shara.
Owners: Sharon & Steve Johnson.
Silver grizzle - This dog had more eye appeal for me as a type and his rear was sounder than the above dog, but I would like for his topline to be somewhat stronger. He had good chest down to his elbows.
3rd Tavanais Neato Bandito
6/18/98. Breeders: J. & H. Haynes & R. Power.
By Ch. Baghdad Talk of the Town, JC x Tavanai Birsheba.
Owner: Rosemary Power.
Deep red grizzle - The first impression I got of this dog upon entering the ring was that he was out of proportions, which in fact turned out to be because he was overweight and his head did not match his body. He is well developed in his front and chest area, although this did not work to his advantage while carrying this extra weight. In itself, his head is very beautiful with a nice ear set, good planes and featherings. When in the proper condition, this would be a most deserving winner.

Winners Dog
Miriah's Jungle Book

Reserve Winners Dog
Stonehenge Mojo Thunder MTN.

Puppy Bitches 6 - 9 Mos.
1st Kyzyl Kum Jinghani
12/2/01. Breeders: Owners.
By Ch. Kyzyl Kum Djinn x Kyzyl Kum Patissa.
Owners: Wendy & Brian Duggan.
Smooth grey grizzle - A very pretty bitch puppy, light on her feet, covering ground, and moving with a great deal of class and quality. She is in wonderful condition. Tail held rather high due to her high spirits.

Puppy Bitches 9 - 12 Mos.
1st Only Abu Of Aldecar
8/01/01. Breeders: Alden J. Foote & Shawn M. Davis.
By Ch. Shamar’s Copy Cat x Ch. Salish’ My Girl.
Owner: Alden Foote.
Cream - A very typey puppy! Beautiful body, sound going and coming, nice spring of rib. She was moving too fast, and could have been under better control. Consequently she was not quite in sync and not moving to her true potential. Nevertheless a most promising puppy.

Junior Bitches 12 - 18 Mos.
1st Tiarc Sirianni Kandi Kane SM
12/25/00. Breeders: Wanda & Pamela Sirianni & Elizabeth Crait.
By Ch. Tiarc Tavanai Nort to Alaska x Sirianni Nala.
Owners: Ronald & Elizabeth Crait.
Red & white parti smooth - In wonderful condition, with a beautiful flow of neck into shoulders and a good underline. She was not working with her handler, and seemed a little unsettled, which I think resulted in the lifting of her wrists on the go-around.

Bred By Exhibitor Bitches
1st Sirianni Tiarc First Noel SM
12/25/00. Breeders: Wanda & Pamela Sirianni & Elizabeth Crait.
By Ch. Tiarc Tavanai Nort to Alaska x Sirianni Nala.
Owners: Wanda L. & Pamela J. Sirianni.
Tri color parti smooth - She is an absolutely gorgeous package — beautiful head, lovely ear set, good bone, chest down to elbows with a flowing, in sync sidegait. A very athletic looking bitch in superb condition. Flawless on her down and back.
2nd Burydown Hilerica Ulahni
5/24/97. Breeders: Hope Waters & Carole Adley.
By Elana Mubarak x Shelby Abadiyah of Burydown.
Owners: Hope Waters & Carole Adley.
Fawn smooth - This bitch is very light on her feet, going around with great ease. She is more square in her outline. She is somewhat overweight, with hipbones almost covered.
3rd Kyzyl Kum Patissa
5/26/98. Breeders: Owners.
By Ch. Ziba Indus x Ch. Kyzyl Kum Nimcha.
Owners: Wendy & Brian Duggan
Tri color smooth - A bitch of very nice type, beautifully feminine, but not so smooth on her go around. Another who is carrying some extra weight.
4th Jamora Chloe
6/14/97. Breeders: Owners.
By Ch. Algazara’s Hamzah x Ch. Bahia Jamora Phoebe.
Owners: Joyce & Ron Morrison & Kim Anselmo & Suzanne Forsyth.
Black fringed red - This bitch makes a beautiful picture, with gorgeous ear featherings and lots of femininity, although this last feature resulted in her being too refined for my taste.

Open Bitches
1st Tiarc Sirianni Reba Mac
4/29/00. Breeders: Ronald & Elizabeth Crait & Wanda & Pamela Sirianni.
By Ch. Sirianni Hakuna Matata, JC x Ch. Tiarc Tavanai Pippi Long Sox.
Owner: Christine Hicks.
Red - Type-wise this would not have been my personal choice, but there were a lot of movement issues to sort out in this class. This bitch won out on the general evaluation of being sound on the down and back, acceptable on the go around and overall no perceptible faults.
2nd Jamora Olivia
6/14/97. Breeders: Kim & Mike Anselmo, Joyce Morrison & Suzanne Forsyth.
By Ch. Algazara’s Hamzah x Ch. Bahia Jamora Phoebe.
Owners: Joyce & Ron Morison & Kim Anselmo & Suzanne Forsyth.
Tri color - On first impressions I thought this possibly would be my winner when the class came into the ring. She is so typey, beautiful on her side gait, but I could not overlook the crossing in her front on coming at me. But based on her positive attributes, she did give the above bitch a close run for 1st place.
3rd Sirianni Tiarc Amazing Grace
12/25/00. Breeders: Wanda & Pamela Sirianni & Elizabeth Crait.
By Ch. Tiarc Tavanai Nort to Alaska x Sirianni Nala.
Owners: William C. & Michelle M. Roach.
Red - A well constructed bitch, nice on the go-around and again more the type I like. But a wideness in the rear that could not be overlooked, even after giving her a second chance to see if it would come together.
4th Salish' Sheika Of Aldercar
9/3/94. Breeders: Joyce M. Berk & Gorden W. Berk & E. Coleman & L. Coleman.
By Ch. Salish’ Mi Khaos x Ch. Glenacres El Kala Hari.
Owner: Alden J. Foote.
Grey grizzle - This is a pretty bitch, somewhat squarer in her build. She is rather tight in her movement, not having the flow that comes from strength of rear to give that forward propulsion.

Winners Bitch
Sirianni Tiarc First Noel SM

Reserve Winners Bitch
Kyzyl Kum Jinghani

Veteran Dogs 7 - 10 yrs.
1st CH Thunder Mountain Gambler
9/3/94. Breeders: Larry & Edythe Coleman & Gordon & Joyce Berk.
By Ch. Salish’ Mi Khaos x Ch. Glenacres El Kala Hari.
Owners: Larry & Edythe Coleman.
Grey grizzle - A dog that immediately grabs your attention with his overall eye-appealing proportions. He has a good strong topline, great sweep of rear, totally in sync on the go around, down and back near perfect.

2nd CH Sirianni Hakuna Matata JC
4/4/95. Breeder: Pamela Sirianni.
By Ch. Sirianni Riibaal x Sirianni Aanisah’s Qirmiziy, JC.
Owner: Pamela Sirianni.
Black fringed red - Another wonderful dog, with a masculine look to him, beautiful head and a well-constructed front end. Lovely bone and substance. A tough call to make on these two.

Stud Dog Class
3/15/96. Breeders: Ronald, Elizabeth & Nicholas Crait & Rosemary Power.
By Ch. Snowynde Frankly My Dear x Ch. Sirianni Aajah of Tiarc.
Owners: Ronald & Elizabeth Crait.
Pamela J. Sirianni.

Brood Bitch Class
3/15/96. Breeders: Ronald, Elizabeth & Nicholas Crait & Rosemary Power.
By Ch. Snowynde Frankly My Dear x Ch. Sirianni Aajah of Tiarc.
Owners: Ronald & Elizabeth Crait & Wanda & Pamela Sirianni.

~ ~ ~

Best of Breed
CH Thunder Mountain Gambler (Veteran)
This dog so embodies the quote from our breed standard with his “impression of grace and symmetry and of great speed and endurance, coupled with strength and activity ...” In my opinion, he has all the features I am looking for in a Saluki, of which I described in my preface.

Best of Opposite Sex
CH Miriah's Walk In The Clouds
10/4/00. Breeders: Maureen Clark & Shawn Davis.
By Ch. Salish’ Shamars Hobicat x Ch. Miriah Out of Africa.
Owners: Maureen Clark & Terri Shelly.
Cream - A very typey bitch who is in great condition and so classy on the move. Effortless on the side gait and true on the down and back and who has lots of eye appeal.

Best of Winners
Sirianni Tiarc First Noel SM
I would have given this bitch an Award of Merit if the rules at this Specialty would have allowed for it, which it did not. Personally, it was a great thrill to find a bitch of such quality in my entry.

Award of Merit #1
4/29/00. Breeders: Ronald & Elizabeth Crait & Wanda & Pamela Sirianni.
By Ch. Sirianni Hakuna Matata, JC x Ch. Tiarc Tavanai Pippi Long Sox.
Owners: Ronald & Elizabeth Crait.
Gold and white parti - A very sound, honest bitch, well put together who gained this win based on her easy and effortless side gait.

Award of Merit #2
10/4/00. Breeders: Maureen Clark & Shawn M. Davis.
By Ch. Salish’ Shamars Hobicat x Ch. Miriah Out of Africa.
Owners: Alden J. Foote & Maureen Clark.
Cream - This is a very handsome dog who is better evaluated on the go-around than he is on the stack. He is a slightly long-cast, who has a wee bit of a soft top-line, but who pulls himself up when he starts to move and the soft top-line disappears.

Best Puppy

Best Bred By Exhibitor

Best Veteran

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