Willamette Valley Saluki Club

June 22, 2001

Specialty and Sweepstakes Results

by Wanda Sirianni, president

Once again everything turned out perfectly for this year’s specialty. Our weather was perfect — starting out a bit overcast but warm with the sun making its appearance just in time for the photo taking. Our show site on the Clackamas KC grounds was, as usual, a spectacular site. The lovely old fir trees provide plenty of shade when needed. Our ring was even larger this year, which allows the Salukis to really strut their stuff. The CKC members are always very gracious, and we are pleased to continue to use their grounds. Special thanks to our many generous trophy sponsors! With their continued support, we once again had one of the nicest trophy tables on the grounds.

Beautiful prints by artist Yvonne Sovereign and Saluki ornaments by artist Val Hiller, D’Lorah, just to mention a few of our many beautiful trophies.

Our judges were friendly and efficient in their judging, with judging progressing smoothly and in a timely manner. Mrs. Sharon A. Krogh judged the regular and non-regular classes, and Judy Solseth-Davis judged puppy and veteran sweepstakes. Thank you, Sharon and Judy. Both judges are to be commended on proving critiques in a timely fashion - something that has been a problem from time to time in the past. Their critiques follow.

Lyndell Ackerman headed up our raffle this year with a lot of great items being raffled off. What would we do without all of your donations? Thank you. We are considering an art auction for next year — artists contact Lyndell.

We had a great turnout for the judges’ dinner, which was once again at the Hoi Tin Restaurant in Canby. Please consider joining us there next year.

I would like to thank everyone who supported our Specialty with the entry of your beautiful Salukis. I hope you had a good time and that you will all return again next year.

Friendly exhibitors, beautiful Salukis, good judges and perfect weather — add in spectacular trophy and raffle tables, a fantastic catalog and some pretty hard working WVSC members, and you have our 2001 WVSC Saluki Specialty! All in all it was a REALLY GREAT DAY! Now it's time to start looking to next year. I hope to see you there.

~ ~ ~

By Judy Solseth-Davis, sweepstakes judge

I want to thank WVSC and the exhibitors for this chance to judge Sweepstakes your specialty. I was very impressed with the puppies and all the breeders should be proud of what they are producing. I like the moderation in size and angulation we are getting back in the breed. Please keep up the good work keeping this ancient, elegant breed as it was first intended for.

My one and only Veteran was a great example of how well a properly put together Saluki can age with grace and elegance. I also have a veteran Saluki at home, and she tends to look better every year. This is a great trait of our breed, and we should be proud of that quality. Thank you again for this great honor.

Puppy Sweepstakes Judge: Judy Solseth-Davis

Puppy Dogs 6-9 mos. (1)
Owners: Maureen Clark & Shawn M. Davis
Very nice cream with black fringe male. He had a great personality and was full of himself this day, very playful. Pretty head, good neck and shoulders. Good top line and rear, nice side gate. He is young and was not together.

Junior Dogs 12-18 mos. (3)
Owners: Pamela J. & Wanda L. Sirianni
Beautiful red male, gorgeous color and beautiful condition. He is a very nice moderate size Saluki. Lovely head, nice neck and shoulders. Wonderful side gate, everything flowed together nicely. This is a dog that Saluki breeders will appreciate. He will be a fun dog to show.
Owners: Dr. David & Fiona Bennett
Smooth silver grizzle male. Great temperament, natural to the smooths I have been around. On this day, he was high in the rear and did not want to extend his front or rear. Would like to see him move at a faster natural gate.
Owner: Della Crawford
A nice cream boy. He is too moderate for my taste. I would like more angulation front and rear, defiantly going through his teen-age stage.

Puppy Bitches 6-9 mos. (2)
Owners: Maureen Clark & Terri Shelly
A beautiful cream bitch that has that wonderful Saluki elegance and type. In a stack, this bitch had it all but was just not quite together on the move. She has a nice front and rear, good top line and beautiful head. They will have fun showing this bitch.
Owner: Deborah A. Satterfield
A pretty black and tan bitch. She is just a baby and very playful. She is too slight for my taste and moved very close front and rear. Great attitude and would like to see how she matures.

Puppy Bitches 9-12 mos. (1)
Owners: Dr. David & Fiona Bennett
A beautiful smooth silver grizzle bitch. I love her type, it is what I like in a smooth. She has a nice front and rear and a lovely head. On this day, she did not have it all together on the move. I would like to see her reach and drive more on the go around.

Junior Bitches 12 mos. and under 18 mos. (1)
Owners: Ronald & Elizabeth Crait
A pretty cream and white party bitch. She was not using her rear, pulling a lot on the leash. Another one going through her teen-age stage. Pretty head and nice expression.

Best in Puppy Sweepstakes

Best Opposite Sex in Puppy Sweepstakes

Both of these Salukis are in my mind the proper size and have the elegant type a Saluki should have. I will be watching both of them in the coming months. The male was more together then the bitch on this day.

Veteran Sweepstakes Judge: Judy Solseth-Davis

Junior Veteran Dog 7-10 years (1)
Owners: Wanda L. & Pamela J. Sirianni
A handsome black & tan male. The grace and elegance of this 9-year-old dog was still present. He moved with grace and was in excellent condition. A nice moving dog and a proud show dog.

Best in Veteran Sweepstakes

Conformation Classes Judge: Mrs. S A Krogh

My thanks to the Willamette Valley Saluki Club, Inc. for the opportunity to judge their June 22, 2001, specialty show. Because I am a “little” invested in the venue, I will only comment regarding the lovely trophies. I understand that my personal favorite was a challenge trophy that we retired that day.

Over all, the entry was of good quality, with several outstanding examples of the breed. Because I do not deal well with dogs that can not come and go well, and do not carry good side movement, we can assume that what I put up was the best I could find in that area. That being said, we continue. My WD (Zephyr Alitor Isirad) had good propositions and presented himself with regal barring. The RWD (Miriah’s a River Runs Thruit) was young and was well balanced with style and good attitude.

WB and BOW (Khiva’s Batu-Bella Khan) was a lovely animal. I can see by my catalog that the WD and WB were sired by the same dog. Because they definitely carry a family resemblance, I was consistent. The WB says “she is a lady,” which is important in any breed — really special in a saluki.

BOB (Ch. Shamar’s Copy Cat) is of course a spectacular animal, and the dog and handler make a wonderful team. The BOS (Ch. Snowynde Winterborne) is also a lovely dog, and I felt privileged to judge both of these animals.

It is always exciting to judge veterans. The veteran dog (Ch. Sirianni Arazi Alerek) was in great shape and worthy of an Award of Merit, which retired my favorite trophy.

Again, my thanks to the club for asking me to judge their show.

Puppy Dogs 6 - 9 Mos.
1st Miriah's River Runs Thru It
10/4/00. Breeders: Maureen Clark & Shawn M. Davis.
By Ch. Salish' Shamars Hobicat x Ch. Miriah Out of Africa.
Owners: Alden J. Foote & Maureen Clark

Junior Dogs 12 - 18 Mos.
1st Iroki Faridaat Touchstone
4/2/00. Breeders: Shelley Work & Robbie Pattison.
By Iroki Oberon x Iroki Pelageya.
Owner: Della Crawford.
2nd Xerxes Al Sayad Sawahin
1/28/00. Breeders: D & M Hintzenberg-Freisleben.
By Zaahin Tal Amal x Onnika Sawahin.
Owners: Dr. David & Fiona Bennett.

Bred By Exhibitor Dogs
1st Sirianni Tiarc Rummaaniy
4/29/00. Breeders: R. & E. Crait & W. & P. Sirianni.
By Ch. Sirianni Hakuna Matata, JC x Ch. Tiarc Tavanai Pippi Long Sox.
Owners: Pamela J & Wanda L. Sirianni.
2nd Miriah's Jungle Book
10/2/00. Breeders: Maureen Clark & Shawn M. Davis.
By Ch. Salish' Shamars Hobicat x Ch. Miriah Out of Africa.
Owners: Maureen Clark & Shawn M. Davis.

Open Dogs
1st Zephyr Alitor Isirad
10/17/98. Breeder: Deborah Satterfield.
By Ch. Tiarc's Pandava of Snowynde, JC x Zouli Mandl Houania Isirad.
Owners: Breena Satterfield & James Satterfield
2nd Carmas Mother Natures Son
6/22/99. Breeder: Lyndell Ackerman.
By Ch. Moshires RFR Red Sky x Ch. Carmas Some Like it Hot, CGC.
Owners: Lenore & Tatsuki Kobayahshi & L. Ackerman.
3rd Windstorm Pasha Luck
Breeders: Starr & Randy White.
By Ch. Snowynde Frankly My Dear x Ch. Windstorm Luck Be An Lady.
Owners: Marie & Don Anti.
4th D'Ansor Mu'tazz Al Sayad JC
4/7/99. Breeders: F. & D. Bennett & G. Hayden.
By Ch. Mystery's Ain't Misbehavin', JC x Ch. Ziba Hunters Moon of D'Ansor.
Owner: Linda Hardman.

Winners Dog
Zephyr Alitor Isirad

Reserve Winners Dog
Miriah's River Runs Thru It

Puppy Bitches 6 - 9 Mos.
1st Miriah's Walk In The Clouds
10/4/00. Breeders: Maureen Clark & Shawn M. Davis.
By Ch. Salish' Shamars Hobicat x Ch. Miriah Out of Africa.
Owners: Maureen Clark & Terri Shelly
2nd Aishya Isirad Of Karanfil
12/10/00. Breeder: Yasemin Yzografos.
By Ch. Karanfil Bashiq Isirad x Karanfil Arzu of Queeba.
Owner: Deborah A. Satterfield.

Puppy Bitches 9 - 12 Mos.
1st Starlite Sheer Courage Alsayad
8/12/00. Breeder: Tina Turley.
By Ch. Mystery's Ain't Misbehavin', JC x Ch. Starlites Lady Sheena Divine.
Owners: Dr. David & Fiona Bennett.

Junior Bitches 12 - 18 Mos.
1st Tiarc Sirianni Rafala
4/29/00. Breeders: Ronald & Elizabeth Crait & Wanda & Pamela Sirianni.
By Ch. Sirianni Hakuna Matata, JC x Ch. Tiarc Tavanai Pippi Long Sox.
Owners: Ronald & Elizabeth Crait.

Bred By Exhibitor Bitches
1st D'Ansor's Masada Al Sayad
4/7/99. Breeders: Dr. David & Fiona Bennett & Gina Hayden.
By Ch. Mystery's Ain't Misbehavin', JC x Ch. Ziba Hunters Moon of D'Ansor.
Owners: Fiona Bennet & Gina Hayden.
2nd Miriah Lonesome Dove
Owners: 3/26/96. Breeders: Maureen Clark & E. Coleman.
By Ch. Sandstorm Miriah Wind Walker x Ch. Thunder Mt. Voo Do Dawn Miriah.
Owners: Patty Shelley & Maureen Clark.
3rd Salish' Fawn Memor-Eez
8/27/99. Breeders: Shawn M. Davis & M. Clark.
By Ch. Sandstorm Miriah Windwalker x Ch. Miriah Salish' Baywatch.
Owners: Shawn M. Davis & M. Clark./p>

Open Bitches
1st Khiva's Batu-Bella Khan
10/17/98. Breeder: Deborah Satterfield & Craig Stephens.
By Ch. Tiarc's Pandava of Snowynde, JC x Zouli Nandi Houania Isirad.
Owners: Maruta Hiegel & Valerie Hamilton-Preston.
2nd Salish' Phoenix Lotus Muse
8/27/99. Breeders: Shawn M. Davis & M. Clark.
By Ch. Sandstorm Miriah Windwalker x Ch. Miriah Salish' Baywatch.
Owner: Molly Beauchamp. (agent: Shawn M. Davis)
3rd Issibaa's Zoomie
3/2/96. Breeder: Owner.
By Ch. Issibaa's Quayzar x Ch. Issibaa's Jammie.
Owner: Sharon B. Kinney. (agent: Lyndell Ackerman)
4th Salish' Sheika Of Aldercar
9/3/94. Breeders: J. M. Berk & G. W. Berk & E. Coleman & L. Coleman.
By Ch. Salish' Mi Khaos x Ch. Glenacres El Kala Hari.
Owner: Alden Foote.

Winners Bitch
Khiva's Batu-Bella Khan

Reserve Winners Bitch
D'Ansor's Masada Al Sayad

Veteran Dogs
1st CH Sirianni Arazi Alerek
3/24/92. Breeders: W. & P. Sirianni & R. Power.
By Ch. Tavanai Raabih Kabir x Ch. Sirianni Rajiyyah Harmony.
Owners: Wanda L. & Pamela J. Sirianni.

Brood Bitch Class (1)
3/15/96. Breeders: Ronald, Elizabeth & Nicholas Crait & Rosemary Power.
By Ch. Snowynde Frankly My Dear x Ch. Sirianni Aajah of Tiarc.
Owners: Ronald & Elizabeth Crait & Wanda & Pamela Sirianni.

Brace Class (1)
Owners: Dr. David & Fiona Bennett.

~ ~ ~

Best of Breed
CH Shamar's Copy Cat
6/18/96. Breeders: M.D. Lindemaier, S. Davis & W. & M. Jensen.
By Ch. Shamar's Vintage Muscat x Ch. Jen Araby El Kammaro.
Owners: Lansing & Sabin Hamilton. (Dog)

Best of Opposite Sex
CH Snowynde Winterborne
12/22/98. Breeders: Owners.
By Ch. Ziba Indus x Ch. Snowynde Perle Essence Sha-Ra.
Owners: Bonnie A. & Lois Boucher. (Bitch)

Best of Winners
Khiva's Batu-Bella Khan

Awards of Merit

Best Puppy

Best Bred By Exhibitor

Best Veteran